Q. Does Bod Pod measure visceral fat?

The BOD POD uses known densities of fat and fat-free mass to derive % BF from whole body density (as measured by the BOD POD). This is a two-compartment approach where the whole body comprises of the Fat and Fat-Free Mass compartments. For the purposes of our measurement, the BOD POD considers both essential and non-essential fats to be part of the Fat Mass compartment, not the fat-free mass component. It assumes density of essential fats to be the same as that of storage fats, 0.9 gm/cc at 37C.
Second, although sometimes the terminology lean body mass is interpreted as Fat-free mass + Essential Fats, internally and in our operators manual, we use the terms fat-free mass and lean body mass interchangeably. Perhaps this has caused the confusion.
In summary, the BOD POD (and other two-compartment techniques like Hydrostaic Weighing) does not differentiate between essential and non-essential fats. Both types of fat together are reported as Fat Mass.