Personal data is gathered and will be used by Cosmed Srl in conformity with the requirements of the Italian privacy law (Decreto Legislativo 196/2003). We believe it is important for you to acknowledge how your personal data is handled.

Personal data treatment and purposes

We request and process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To place an order, register a product, request a service, answer a survey, enter a contest, allow communication with us and to supply necessary authorities with the required information.
  • To define your commercial profile.
  • To use your commercial profile for marketing or advertising purposes.
  • For necessary accounting procedures, such as emailing commercial invoices.
  • To provide information to the selected business partners needed to supply your service.

How your personal data is treated

Your personal data will be stored in an electronic format and protected against destruction, loss, unauthorized access or use not conforming to the purposes listed above.


The consent to treat your personal data is optional, but if denied COSMED cannot supply the appropriate services.

Holder of the personal data

Personal data is held by Cosmed Srl, Via dei Piani di Monte Savello 37, Pavona di Albano Laziale (RM).

Customer rights

In accordance with Art.7, you may:

  1. Obtain confirmation of the existence and sharing of your personal data.
  2. Deny your consent to treatment of your personal data
  3. Obtain information on the:
  • updating, correction or integration of your data
  • deletion or transformation of your personal data

These rights can be exercised by a request in writing to the holder responsible for your personal data.