Diffusing Lung Capacity Module
Lung Diffusing Capacity Module

Lung Diffusing Capacity Module

  • DLCO Single Breath (w/ Breath Hold)
  • DLCO Single Breath (Intrabreath)
  • DLCO 3eq (3 equations method)
  • Membrane Diffusing Capacity
  • Extremely fast infrared analyzers (CO, CH4)
  • Lung volume measurement with DLCO single-breath dilution technique


  • This module for the Quark PFT allows lung diffusing capacity measurements with different test options: single-breath, intrabreath and membrane diffusion. The measurement of the diffusing capacity of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the lungs is made through the continuous analysis of CO fractions and methane (CH4 the tracer) with two extremely fast infrared analyzers. The powerful software features allow flexible and customisable testing, like graphical leak detection during breath hold or different available standards for breath hold (Jones, Ogilvie and ESP). The DLCO single-breath dilution technique can also be used to provide an accurate measurement of lung volumes.

    Quark PFT Brochure: Italian - English
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  • Diffusing Lung Capacity Module
    DLCO Single-breath (with breath hold)
    DLCO Single Breath (intrabreath)
    DLCO 3eq (3 equations method)
    Membrane diffusing capacity



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