COSMED introduces Q-NRG, the new metabolic monitor for energy expenditure measurements in mechanically ventilated and spontaneous breathing patients in ICU

Posted on 08 März 2018, English, Company, Italiano, Deutsch, French

indirect calorimetry

Rome (Italy) - March 2018 - COSMED, world-wide leader in the design of metabolic systems for clinical and human performance applications, announced today the release of a new product line of metabolic monitors for quick, accurate, intuitive and affordable indirect calorimetry.

COSMED presenta Q-NRG, il nuovo monitor metabolico per la misura del dispendio energetico in pazienti ventilati meccanicamente o a respirazione spontanea

Posted on 08 März 2018, Italiano

indirect calorimetry

8 Marzo 2018, Roma - Italia - COSMED, leader mondiale nella progettazione di sistemi per la misura del metabolismo in applicazioni cliniche e nella scienza dello sport, ha annunciato oggi il lancio di una nuova linea di monitor metabolici per test di calorimetria indiretta rapidi, accurati, intuitivi e convenienti.

Mise en ligne du site COSMED en français

Posted on 01 März 2018, French

indirect calorimetry

Lione (France) - Mars 2018 - COSMED France propose désormais la version française du site Cosmed International. Vous y retrouverez toutes les informations sur la gamme des produits Cosmed, brochures et catalogues en français.

Agreement Between Standard Body Composition Methods to Estimate Percentage of Body Fat in Young Male Athletes

Posted on 23 Februar 2018, COSMED News, English, Body Composition, Scientific, PEA POD

indirect calorimetry

A new study published on Pediatric Exercixse Medicine uses the BOD POD as the practical reference standard for body fat measurement in young male athletes.

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