A Test of Validity of a New Open-Circuit Indirect Calorimeter (Quark RMR validation)

Posted on 24 März 2014, Quark RMR, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

A new validation study on Quark RMR was published by Pennsylvania State University researchers on the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN).

Indirect calorimetry in the assessment of the energy requirement in overweight and obese women

Posted on 14 März 2014, Scientific, Fitmate

indirect calorimetry

A new study from the Polish Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS – SGGW) assesses the validity of Fitmate PRO in measuring energy expenditure at rest of obese women.

Third party validation of Quark PFT with X9 PNT for spirometry and DLco measurements

Posted on 22 Januar 2014, Scientific, Quark PFT

cardio pulmonary exercise test

Quark PFT with the new X9 multi-use pneumotach performed with acceptable accuracy versus Spirometry and DLco simulators at the Hans Rudolph facilities of Shawnee, Kansas (USA) in 2011.

Resting Energy Expenditure in Critically Ill Burns Patients

Posted on 19 Dezember 2013, Indirect Calorimetry, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

A study by the Australian Alfred Hospital focused on the importance of the measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure of burn patients using indirect calorimetry.

Exploratory study of the relationship of fat-free mass to speed of brain processing in preterm infants

Posted on 13 November 2013, Body Composition, Scientific

body composition

A new study by the University of Minnesota shows a link in preterm infants between fat free mass (FFM) and neural development, with higher FFM resulting in better neural development

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