OMNIA Network

Netzwerklösung für alle COSMED Produkte in kleinen oder großen Netzwerkumgebungen (LAN/WAN)

  • OMNIA Network allows to share a single database in either a small network (LAN) or a large network (WAN) environment. OMNIA Network is based on a Client/Server architecture and allows to run different COSMED devices through simultaneous access of data.
    • The network license includes five clients (with simultaneous access) and it can be extended with the purchase of additional single licenses.
    • A user management system allows to define Users (Physician, Technician, Administrator, etc.) and Roles rights.
    • OMNIA can exchange data with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) via HL7®, GDT or a proprietary Protocol (OCP).
    • OMNIA Network runs on Windows Server 2008(SP2, R2 SP1) and 2012.
    • OMNIA database uses MS SQL database (Express or Standard) to store data securely and without any limit on dimension.
    OS Compatibility Windows Server 2008 SP2, 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2012 R2
    Virtual machine support Yes
    64 bit OS Support Yes
    OMNIA SQL Database 1 GB for SQL Server 2014 SP1
    30 MB for SQL Server 2014 Shared Management Object and SQL 2014 System CLR Types