14 May 2021

COSMED Quark CPET to collect metabolic data on Virtual Reality experiences to built an unique App.

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Virtual Reality is becoming a powerful tool for combating adult & childhood obesity, but accurately tracking player's calories in VR is difficult.

The VR Health Institute created the VR Health Rating system, an independent system for rating VR content using research-grade metabolic equipment. For three years, the VR Health Institute has been collaborating with the Kinesiology department at San Francisco State University to collect metabolic data on VR experiences using COSMED metabolic carts, the academic standard for metabolic research.

Hundreds of hours of VR-specific metabolic and calorie data has been collected on dozens of subjects.
Much of this data has already been published in peer reviewed scientific journals, or is pending publication.

VR Health Exercise Tracker is the World’s First VR-Specific Calorie App. This app is built on hundreds of hours of VR-specific metabolic testing using research-grade equipment in the labs of the VR Institute of Health & Exercise in California, making it the only official calorie tracker designed to be accurate for exercising in VR.

[ Video credit VR Health Institute Official YouTube Channel ]


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