03 February 2016

Clinical Guide for the Use of Metabolic Carts. Indirect Calorimetry—No Longer the Orphan of Energy Estimation.

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indirect calorimetry

The importance of measuring Resting Energy Expenditure through Indirect calorimetry has been examined and confirmed in a study published on the ASPEN Nutrition in Clinical Practice Journal.

Critically ill patients often require nutrition support, but accurately determining energy needs in these patients is difficult. Energy expenditure is affected by patient characteristics such as weight, height, age, and sex but is also influenced by factors such as body temperature, nutrition support, sepsis, sedation, and therapies.

Using predictive equations to estimate energy needs is known to be inaccurate. Therefore, indirect calorimetry measurement is considered the gold standard to evaluate energy needs in clinical practice.

This review defines the indications, limitations, and pitfalls of this technique and gives practice suggestions in various clinical situations.

The study is available for purchase at the following link: click here