03 February 2016

Comprehensive Profile of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Ambulatory Persons with Multiple Sclerosis.

Posted in Clinical CPET, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

The role of cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) to provide a comprehensive assessment of exercise tolerance and responses in multiple sclerosis patients has been examined in a study on the Sports Medicine Journal.

The objective of this study was to provide a comprehensive examination of outcome variables from CPET among persons with MS and healthy controls. Research on CPET in persons with MS has considerable limitations, including small sample sizes, often without controls; not reporting outcomes across disability status; and different modalities of exercise testing across studies. Although some key outcome variables of CPET have been studied in persons with multiple sclerosis, additional calculated variables have not been directly studied.

Overall, persons with MS demonstrated alterations in outcomes from CPET compared with controls, and these are generally exacerbated with increasing disability. These results provide novel information for the evaluation of CPET in Multiplpe Sclerosis for developing exercise prescriptions and documenting adaptations with exercise training based on the comprehensive variables obtained during CPET.

The study can be purchased at the following link: click here