22 September 2017

COSMED and Intellectual Property: a case study by the European Patent Office.

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Rome (Italy) - September 2017 - The European Patent Office (EPO) has produced a series of case studies on European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are leveraging the power of patents and other Intellectual Property (IP) rights to achieve business success.

COSMED has been chosen to be interviewed about its IP strategies and how the company is using IP to their advantage.

As a matter of fact, intellectual property plays a crucial role for COSMED. COSMED’s brand name, market visibility and recognition are bolstered by a comprehensive IP portfolio, including trade marks and design rights that cover high- tech, user-friendly products. The company has adopted a comprehensive approach to making the best use of patents, together with trade marks, design rights and copyright, to cover individual products.

The full case study can be downloaded, for free, at the following link: