23 July 2021

COSMED BOD POD at elite training facility "Proactive Fueled by Herbalife Nutrition" (California).

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The new opening Performance Facility in Westlake Village (California) combines Sports Nutrition and Elite Training and is expected to serve a wide variety of professional athletes across sports.

“Our shared philosophy of combining conditioning with nutrition to create personalized training regimens for our athletes, no matter what level they’re competing in, can now reach new heights through the offerings at this new location,” said Ryan Capretta, Founder at Proactive Sports Performance.

BOD POD has been included in this world-class facility, and particularly inside the Performance Lab, to assess body density and body fat percentage.

The facility also includes data-driven workout capabilities through advanced equipment and a team of onsite sports performance experts to help athletes track improvement, compare metrics and set performance benchmarks to allow them to continue and improve their skill sets.

[ Video credits: iamherbalifenutrition.com ] 


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