12 February 2020

COSMED BOD POD at Leo's Fitness Lab - San Diego (CA).

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At Leo's Fitness Lab - San Diego (CA) Leo Hamel is dedicated to eliminating wasted effort and guiding clients to their goals through personal training, nutrition, and mentorship.

BOD POD is the Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System. It uses Air Displacement Plethysmograph (ADP) to determine body composition – fat versus fat-free (lean muscle, bone, and connective tissue) mass in adults and children. The safe and comfortable test provides highly accurate test results in just 5 minutes.

This is the most accurate way to track your fitness progress. Remember, just losing weight is not the goal, because what we actually want is to lose fat, while we maintain or gain muscle!

The BOD POD will prove that you are not just losing weight that includes both fat and muscle the way you do on most diet and exercise routines.


[ Video credits: Leo's Fitness Lab official YouTube channel ] 


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