14 September 2021

COSMED Fitmate PRO: Vo2Max test, aerobic and anaerobic threshold, physical exercise prescription.

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A new approach to cardiopulmonary stress testing with the desktop metabolic system Fitmate PRO by COSMED. Interview with Dr. Chiara Ingletto - Sports Doctor and Triathlete from Salus Itinere - Sports Medicine Center in Livorno (Italy).

The cardiorespiratory stress test is a supplement to the normal stress test. It allows you to get an overall picture of the athlete's physiological condition.

The Fitmate PRO measures oxygen uptake (at rest or during exercise) with the same accuracy of conventional systems with both O2 and CO2 sensors, but provides an easier test process (no calibration with gas cylinders, no warm-up).

The compact desktop design of the Fitmate offers an internal rechargeable battery, a large LCD screen and built-in thermal printer that allows testing without the need of a computer or main power lead.

The Fitmate software suite provides the ability to manage data (save, archive, trending) measured with the Fitmate unit, plus a wider range of additional features such as energy balance, diet plan, ACSM exercise prescription, etc. 

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