12 March 2021

COSMED K5 and BillaTraining for World Recordman Marc Batard next challenge.

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BillaTraining relied on COSMED K5 to assess and train Marc Batard, World Recordman of the ascent of Everest, without oxygen, in less than 24 hours. The French mountaineer will take up a new challenge in 2022: climb Everest again, but this time at 70!

Marc Batard, during his exceptional career, noted the lack of training at very high altitude for mountain professionals. In his opinion this is the reason of many accidents at very high altitudes. So he decided to put his energy at the service of an innovative project: to found the first training school for the professions of Very High Mountain Guide in Nepal to improve climber’s technique and safety at altitudes that do not exist in Europe.

For this great challenge Marc Batard and his two companions of rope Nepalese and Pakistani followed a very high level scientific preparation under the supervision of Véronique Billat, Professor of Universities, Outstanding Class, in Exercise and Training Physiology.

“Above 7000 meters you need to have a reserve of auxiliary power provided by the use of oxygen by the muscles to transform the intramuscular fuel (glycogen) into mechanical energy (ascent speed)” explains Véronique Billat “It is precisely a real quality of short and long sprinter (100-4000m) that is needed to support this oxygen deficit (without mask). Marc has this quality and we are going to work on this strong point with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Traning) on the stairs in order to specifically develop the thigh muscles”.

[ Video credits: Marc Batard YouTube Official Channel ]


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