30 May 2013

Infant Body Composition: The New Frontier in Pediatric Care.

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indirect calorimetry

A new white paper from COSMED shows main scientific evidence on the importance of body composition measurement in infants.

There is an increasing interest in the association between nutritional status during early infancy and childhood with the increased risks for adverse health effects as adults. Infant body composition has been in the last years increasingly identified by the research community as a indespensable marker of fetal adaptation and developmental programming of subsequent health and disease.

This document aims to highlight some key topics and scientific evidence in neonatology over the importance of body composition and identify which are the best tools available for measuring infant growth (densitometry with the PEA POD, DXA, etc).

Contents of the white paper include:

  • Effects of Body Composition on Infant Health
  • Importance of Measuring Infant Body Composition
  • Current Measures of Infant Growth
  • Clinical Uses of Infant Body Composition Information
  • Infant Body Composition Measurement Technologies

The white paper can be downloaded at the following link: click here