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23 July 2013

Introducing OMNIA 1.1 the new spirometry software generation by COSMED.

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OMNIA, power and simplicity combined in a leading-edge user interface. Omnia the new software generation of COSMED!

COSMED is glad to introduce OMNIA, the new generation of software for COSMED cardio-pulmonary diagnostics. Developed entirely by COSMED, OMNIA provides an innovative and user-friendly interface that allows operators to navigate and access main features and testing almost without any training. Featuring latest features and trends of modern software such as compatibility with Windows 8 and touch-screen ready interface. 

Key Features

  • Innovative, intuitive user interface touch-screen-ready
  • Compatible with Win 8, 7, Vista (32 and 64 bit)
  • Graphical data interpretation (including Z-scores)
  • Innovative pediatric incentivation (based on PEF and FVC)
  • Includes latest GLI predicteds
  • Bronco-challenge software (both Broncho-dilator and broncho-constrictor)
  • Full compliance with ERS/ATS 2005 consensus
  • Network data management
  • SQL database

cosmed omnia spirometry

Unique Pediatric Incentivation Software

OMNIA provides innovative and beautiful incentivation for spirometry tests. The incentivation is based on 2 predicteds: PEF and FVC. Therefore, the manoeuver requires the subject to blow out hard to help the fish jumping out of the bowl (PEF) and keep blowing until it reaches home (FVC). The effort grade during incentivation may be adjusted by means of two bars where you can set the percentage of the pedicteds.

cosmed omnia spirometry


OMNIA provides full features for performing spirometry within either a small or large network environment.

  • The optional networking license includes 5 clients (simultaneous access).
  • Additional single licenses can be purchased when required.
  • Database running on SQL

New on OMNIA version 1.1

  • New Installation software (now available as a client or as a server)
  • Networking features (shareable database, electronic license management, etc.)
  • Pediatric Incentivation (new)
  • Trends view (selecting multiple tests within a period of a single subject)
  • User Accounts and Rights management (New)
  • ATS/ERS Quality Control Messages implemented soon after test
  • Customize reports (selecting and sorting parameters)
  • Automatic PDF export (according to a pre-defined consistent name file)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts implemented for major navigation and real time functions (F1, F2, F3, etc.)
  • Minor GUI changes (dimensions of characters, fields etc.)
  • Visual Help on-line (available after installation is completed and through quick menu)
  • Added Languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch)
  • Several bugs fixed

cosmed omnia spirometry

Product Compatibility

OMNIA is the new software generation that will be covering the entire COSMED product family (spirometers, PFT, CPET and body composition). Omnia will add compatibility with the existing product line throughout 2013 and 2014. OMNIA 1.1 is compatble with:

  • Pony FX (all models)
  • Spiropalm (all models)
  • microQuark (USB version only)

Upgrade & Eligibility

OMNIA 1.1 is available as a free software upgrade* for all users having purchased a COSMED spirometer from the 1st of January 2013 (proof of purchase is required).

For customers having purchased spirometers before, COSMED offers special upgrade prices*. If you want to know more about our promotional offers, please fill the online upgrade request form.

*Promotional offers for free upgrades or special upgrade prices are available until the 30th of September 2013.