25 February 2016

Laboratory and Field based assessment of maximal aerobic power of elite SUP athletes.

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indirect calorimetry

A new study covering both laboratory and field test assessments, published International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, investigates on the maximal aerobic power of elite Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) athletes.

10 internationally and nationally ranked elite SUP athletes were assessed in a laboratory and compared with other water-based athletes (surfing, dragon-boat racing, and canoeing). Field-based assessments were subsequently performed using a portable gas-analysis system (COSMED K4b2), and a correlation between the 2 measures was performed.

The results show that "SUP athletes can be assessed for maximal aerobic power in the laboratory with high correlation to field-based measures. Elite SUP athletes display aerobic power outputs similar to those of other upper-limb-dominant elite water-based athletes".

The study details are available at the following link: click here