06 May 2022

May 06, 2022: COSMED Metabolic Simulator is now available

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May 06, 2022: COSMED Metabolic Simulator is now available

We are pleased to inform you that starting from May 2022, a new product is available for resale. Completely designed by COSMED, the Metabolic Simulator provides an important tool that can be used for periodic verification of metabolic systems in both clinical and research settings.

COSMED Metabolic Simulator is able to replicate the typical waveform of the respiratory pattern and, by applying the dilution principle, gas exchanges (oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production).     

Metabolic profiles can be easily replicated by adjusting the tidal volume, respiratory frequency and the dilution flow of a certified gas (21% CO2, bal. N2, sold separately) via simple knobs.

COSMED Metabolic Simulator can be used to test all COSMED devices and can be adapted to any other metabolic system on the market.

The test is carried out by OMNIA Software and data results are elaborated using a dedicated Excel spreadsheet, clearly showing the device performance.

The Metabolic Simulator is an ideal product to be used in research or clinical settings to verify the performance of its own metabolic device or used by Authorized Support Centres to provide added values services for demanding customers.



  • 4-300 L/min Ventilation range
  • VO2 and VCO2 range up to 3900 mL/min
  • Designed by COSMED, compatible with all metabolic devices on the market
  • Reproduction of human breathing profile
  • Adjustable respiratory parameters suitable for both clinical and research purposes
  • Easy and precise quality control



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