29 September 2021

October 24-26, 2021: SIMRI National Congress 2021.

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October 24-26, 2021: SIMRI National Congress 2021.

Visit COSMED booth during SIMRI 2021 National Congress from 24 to 26 October in Verona (Italy). 

SIMRI is the Italian Society for Childhood Respiratory Diseases and this are the main topics of 2021 Edition:
• Respiratory health in the child: between the environment and COVID-19
• News in pediatrics: respiratory problems for children and adolescents
• Treatment of respiratory allergies: what news?
• Infectious and lung diseases
• Systemic and lung diseases
• From newborn to pediatric age: what is important to know
• The many faces of cough
• Pneumology for problems. When pediatrician and surgeon work together
• When the primary care pediatrician meets the pulmonologist
• Acute respiratory disease

• Obesity and asthma in children
• New drugs for Cystic Fibrosis
• Imaging in chronic pediatric lung disease
• Asthma diagnosis: ERS Task Force
• Treatment of non-CF bronchiectasis: ERS Task Force
• Chronic interstitial lung disease

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