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02 November 2015

OMNIA 1.4: new features include Exercise Flow/Volume Loops, MIP/MEP, integrated dosimeter and lots more.

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COSMED is glad to inform that the new 1.4 release of OMNIA is available for download starting from the 28th of October 2015.

Together with general improvements and bug fixes, OMNIA 1.4 introduces new important features like Exercise Flow Volume Loops (EFVL), Maximum Inspiratory and Expiratory Pressure (MIP/MEP), integrated Dosimeter and lots of other features, making of this release another major upgrade.

Customers with OMNIA or PFT/CPET Suites please contact COSMED Sales Staff to get an upgrade quotation or know more about the eligibility program.

To facilitate upgrade process an online form is available to send requests.

For further information on upgrades, please contact directly COSMED Sales staff.


What's new on OMNIA 1.4

  • Compatibility with Windows 10.
  • Exercise Flow-Volume loops (EFVL) are now included in the OMNIA CPET module (BxB mode only).
  • New MIP/MEP module available for Q-Box (standard) and Quark PFT (optional module).
  • Automatic control of the integrated dosimeter when provided in Quark systems (P/N A-670-100-002). This feature is available within the OMNIA Spirometry Module.
  • Compatibility with Windows Active Directory allowing OMNIA authentication through users domain network.
  • New RSS-Feed icon that allows to receive directly from COSMED via RSS-Feed contents such as updated news and important software and hardware information.
  • The “Subject“ icon is now a clickable command to enable privacy or to access to shortcuts
  • New predicted sets available for Spirometry, TGV/RAW and DLCO modules
  • Several general improvements and bugs fixes.

OMNIA 1.4: New test features

Exercise Flow/Volume Loops (EFVL)

  • Real time acquisition and capture of Flow-Volume loops during exercise for the evaluation of ventilatory limitation.
  • Easy capture of Exercise Flow/Volume loops during test (no limits in the number of captures).
  • Possibility to add Borg and Leg Pain values during each EFVL captures.
  • Post edit EFVL tab and possibility to accept/discard each EFVL.
  • Inspiratory Capacity (IC) trend during the entire test.

Exercise flow/Volume Loops edit

Integrated Dosimeter

  • Direct control of dosimeter valve during execution of Broncho-Challenge protocols.
  • Real time dialog box with Volume/time loop, cumulative dose, number of breaths, inhalation time etc.

Integrated dosimeter dialog box in real time

Respiratory Mechanics (MIP/MEP)

  • Maximal Inspiratory Pressure (MIP or PIMAX) and Maximal Expiratory Pressure (MEP or PEMAX).
  • Automatic recognition of MEP or MIP manoeuvres.
  • Compliancy with ATS/ERS guidelines.
  • After test, Best MEP and Best MIP automatic or manual selection among the available trials.
  • User edit function to select time interval.
  • Immediate and intuitive display of all accepted manoeuvres.
  • MIP/MEP Predicteds.
  • Download of MIP/MEP tests in OMNIA from Pony FX equipment.

MIP/MEP results