11 February 2016

Resting energy expenditures in haemodynamically compromised cardiac patients.

Posted in Indirect Calorimetry, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

The importance of measuring and not estimating Resting Energy Expenditure has been confirmed also for critically ill cardiac patients in a pilot trial published on Heart Lung Vessel Journal.

The aim of present pilot trial was to evaluate the actual resting energy expenditures (REE) among haemodynamically compromised cardiac patients.

The study concludes that "indirect calorimetry is considered the gold standard, because no existing equations take into account circumstances that may significantly influence REE, such as shock, sedation, extracorporeal methods, diagnosis, and therapeutic manipulations".

Predictive equations, on the other hand,"have been demonstrated to result in early significant errors for critically ill patients".

The study can be downloaded at the following link: click here