16 September 2020

COSMED wins the award "Best company on stage" delivered by Campus Bio-Medico University .

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COSMED wins the award

COSMED wins the award "Best company on stage", the recognition delivered every year by Campus Bio-Medico University in Rome to those companies that have made possible a positive collaboration with the University for welcoming the largest number of trainees.

"The idea is to give recognition to those who help us to complete our training course with an internship", explains Roberto Setola, University delegate for business relations at Ucbm. 

Since 2013 COSMED has hosted in its headquarters seven trainees and seven postgraduate internships and four of them were hired by the company.

“We are optimistic because the world starts again. Also, we are a company manufacturing Cardio Pulmonary equipment, a sector on which you will have to pay attention even after the COVID pandemic era to assess the damage suffered from patients who have suffered from Corona", explains Paolo Brugnoli, COSMED Chief Technology Officer.