07 March 2023

Test with COSMED Quark CPET at Genea Biomed (Italy)

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Dr Fabrizio Verzini, Head of Sports Medicine at Genea Biomed (Chivasso - IT), and Dr Claudia Tarozzo, Sports Doctor, show what is a CPET test and how it is performed.

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) is a specialized and noninvasive type of exercise test that measures the exercise ability and offers a unique opportunity to study cardiopulmonary and metabolic changes simultaneously.

Information about the heart and lungs is collected to understand if the body's response to exercise is normal or abnormal and usually identifies which of multiple pathophysiological conditions alone or in combination is the leading cause of exercise intolerance.

Therefore, it improves diagnostic accuracy and patient health care by directing more targeted diagnostics and facilitating treatment decisions.


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[ Video credit: Genea Biomed YouTube Channel ]