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02 July 2015

The new OMNIA 1.3 software release: now also includes metabolic testing modules.

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COSMED is glad to introduce the new 1.3 release of OMNIA, the powerful diagnostic software platform now including also modules for metabolic testing (CPET and REE).

We are glad to inform you that the new 1.3 release of OMNIA is now available to download starting from beginning of June 2015.

OMNIA 1.3 introduces the new Metabolic modules, together with important improvements and some minor bug fixes of the previous version.

The new software release is a key milestone for OMNIA: it gives now the possibility to perform metabolic tests leveraging all OMNIA distinguishing features, plus the addition of new functionalities designed specifically for more efficient, intuitive and flexible CPET or REE testing.

The new upgrade is free of charge for all those who have purchased Quark line products after January 1st 2015 (proof of purchase required). Customers having devices provided with CPET Suite ver. 10.0e and below please contact sales department to get an upgrade quotation.

To facilitate upgrade process an online form has been created to send requests. For further information on upgrades, please contact directly COSMED Sales staff.


What's new on OMNIA 1.3

  • New Metabolic modules for CPET (breath by breath or mixing chamber) and REE (breath by breath with mask, canopy hood, ICU), including an extensive range of features for each module.
  • New calibration procedures (ERGO, FlowREE, Mixing Chamber volume, O2 span, flowmeter verification). Database conversion with previous COSMED software (via DB Converter).
  • Import data from other OMNIA databases (new proprietary format) and export data (subjects/visits/tests) in different file formats (*.xml, *.xls, *.pdf).
  • Lots of new features including, new parameters, increased number of predicted sets for spirometry, DLCO, TGV/RAW and CPET/REE tests.
  • New languages added: Chinese (simplified), Polish, Norwegian.

The new metabolic modules

General Features

  • View data via pre-defined or user-defined dashboards. Each dashboard can contain up to 12 charts, tabular data, macro parameters to be highlighted and widgets.
  • Each chart can be fully customized (post-test and in real-time) up to 4 Y axis and one X axis. Full control on settings (ranges, dot style, no-recovery, squared, grid settings, ignore 0 values, show predicteds, etc.).
  • Powerful post-test editing allows fine-tuning/filtering of raw data and the calculation of the main prognostic parameters.
  • Automatic interpretation with comprehensive and editable statement according to latest AHA, ECVPR, ATS-ERS guidelines.

Possibility to select dashboard in real time during a test

CPET features (Mask and Mixing Chamber)

  • Choose data filtering mode according to user defined settings (breath by breath, time average, moving time average, smoothing).
  • Create database of exercise protocols with graphical protocol builder.
  • Select/add additional data during test: test phase, rate of perceived exertion (Borg Scale or modified scale), arterial blood gases/lactate samples, etc.
  • New features to simplify calculation of main key variables after test is perfomed (AT-RCP Thresholds, VO2max, Ventilatory efficiency, metabolic efficiency etc).
  • CPET test with automatic clinical interpretation based on latest AHA/ESC/ATS/ERS statements.
  • Customize printout report (define header, subject data, parameters, charts and additional data).
  • Remote control of a wide selection of ergometers with ErgoManager 2.0.
  • Interface with COSMED ECGs (Quark C12x/T12x) in the same modality as the CPET suite.
  • New predicted sets available for clinical and healthy subjects.

CPET in real time (9 panel plot)

Summary results analysis

Graphical protocol manager

REE features (Mask, Canopy and ICU)

  • Manage REE testing with mask, canopy and ventilator.
  • Adjust blower during canopy testing by software-controlled digital knob (user defined or automatic).
  • Create REE protocols with the graphical editor.
  • Possibility to calibrate bias flow before and during testing.
  • Input additional patient info (body temperature, TPN daily intake, level of agitation/sedation, severity of illness score).
  • Simplify data reading and test interpretation with the new widgets for REE testing.
  • Post-test editing features to select time interval and average REE value.
  • New predicted sets available for REE (Harris Benedict, Mifflin, Owen, Schofield, WHO/FAO/UNU).

Standard dashboard for real time view of test in ICU setting