17 February 2017

The physiological basis and clinical significance of lung volume measurements.

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A useful scientific review has been published in the Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine Journal describing how different physiological/pathological conditions can affect static lung volumes measurement.

This review intends to update the reader with the physiological basis, clinical significance and interpretative approaches of the standard static lung volumes and capacities.

The review highlighted how physiological factors that influence lung volumes/capacities include age, gender, weight, height and ethnicity, physical activity, altitude and others, which should be considered while interpreting results of spirometry. Likewise, the quality and accuracy of the test(s) used for estimation of the lung volumes/capacities should be considered before interpretation.

The article details are the following:

- Title: "The physiological basis and clinical significance of lung volume measurements"
- Authors: Mohamed Faisal Lutfi
- Published in
: Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine (2017) 12:3

The study can be downloaded for free at the following link: click here