22 January 2014

Third party validation of Quark PFT with X9 PNT for spirometry and DLco measurements.

Posted in Scientific, Quark PFT

cardio pulmonary exercise test

Quark PFT with the new X9 multi-use pneumotach performed with acceptable accuracy versus Spirometry and DLco simulators at the Hans Rudolph facilities of Shawnee, Kansas (USA) in 2011.

Quark PFT with X9 pneumotach was validated at Hand Rudolph Inc. laboratories against a Flow Volume Simulator (HRI FVS 1120 series generating the standard ATS/ERS 24 Volume-Time waveforms for the parameters FVC, FEV1, PEF, PEF25-75, MVV) and against a DLco Simulator (HRI DLco Simulator with EasyLab QC software generating known values for the parameters of DL, VA, VI, Exp CO% and Exp CH4%).

The overall summary states that "COSMED Quark PFT with X9 PNT tested well within acceptable accuracty ranges for Spirometry and DLco performances".