01 October 2021

VO2Max test with COSMED K5 by Mediterranean Health in Mallorca (Spain).

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Dr Alvaro Bondia, nutritionist and health professional at Mediterranean Health in Mallorca, trusts that to improve energy performance there is no better and more precise option than a metabolic assessment.

The goal is to obtain real data (VO2max, daily energy consumption, efficiency of fat, hydrocarbon or protein metabolism) and thus knowing better how body works to help people obtaining the best possible results and get the maximum potential.

With COSMED K5 the metabolic assessment can be carried out both at rest and practicing indoor or outdoor sports with the most extreme weather conditions. K5 single-body design (battery inside) reduces weight, simplifies subject setup and improves ergonomics.

The new harness is comfortable and offers freedom of movement during testing.


[ Video credits: Mediterranean Health ]


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