17 November 2021

VO2Max test with COSMED Quark CPET at CMTS 2A (France).

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Dr. Gilles Testou, sports medicine physician at Centre de Médecine et Traumatologie du Sport in Ajaccio, shows a Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test with COSMED Quark CPET on bike and treadmill.

The stress test with the measurement of gas exchange is an examination that assesses the aerobic fitness of an athlete.

This exploration is also widely used to determine the origin of exertional dyspnea (abnormal shortness of breath), the objective being the search for the limiting factor (cardiological, respiratory or muscular).

The aerobic fitness assessment will help target training areas.

This test is different from a classic cardiological stress test which is primarily geared towards cardiovascular adaptation to stress, and does not take into account the respiratory component, named VO2.

The volumes of O2 and CO2, inhaled and exhaled, are collected using a mask. This makes possible to analyze athlete's respiratory adaptation in relation to the intensity of the effort required.

Dr Gilles Testou was in charge of the medical service of AC Ajaccio Football for 21 seasons (league 1, league 2, national) but he still collaborates with the club in the context of functional explorations (start-of-season tests). 


[ Video: Centre de Médecine et Traumatologie du Sport ]

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