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12 January 2023

VO2max test with Fitmate PRO at McBride Physiotherapy (UK)

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Ian McBride MSC, owner McBride Physiotherapy, tells about sport science services provided as VO2max, submaxVO2, and RMR using Fitmate PRO desktop metabolic system.

Fitmate PRO desktop metabolic systems introduce a new approach for the measurement of oxygen consumption at rest and during exercise in both clinical and health & fitness settings. 

Find out COSMED Fitmate PRO key features:

  • Simple and effective monitoring of metabolic responses (rest/exercise)
  • Measurement of VO2max, subMax VO2, Anaerobic Threshold
  • Working either as standalone or with PC (software included)
  • Affordable, portable, compact, easy to use with built-in printer
  • Software for data management, exercise prescription and HR-VO2 training zones
  • Validated vs. gold standard technique

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[ Video credits: Healthlink Holdings Ltd. YouTube Channel ]