22 August 2022

August 22, 2022: OMNIA 2.2 Software Release

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August 22, 2022: OMNIA 2.2 Software Release

COSMED has recently launched the 2nd generation of OMNIA Software, the most comprehensive Data Management platform for Metabolic, Lung Function and Body Composition Assessment.

The first loop of feedback received from the field shows customers highly valued the improved usability and the wide range of new functionalities. COSMED is committed in continuously improving OMNIA user experience. 

Starting from August 2022, OMNIA 2.2 has been released enabling greater performance with new software features and enhancements.

OMNIA 2.2 is available for both OMNIA Standalone and OMNIA Network versions.


  • New 6MWT, Titration and Shuttle test available (holter and wireless modality) with the integration of the 3150 WristOx2 Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)
  • Advanced Steady State analysis (ability to do analysis of the metabolic response on multiple intervals during steady state protocols)
  • Comprehensive Training Zones manager
  • Fat Max parameter and calculator added
  • Integration with Cardiolex ECG (CPET)
  • MECKI score added.
    A new parameter available on CPET tests based on a publication endorsed by AHA ​(https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33238744/)
  • Several sets of Predicteds added (Spirometry, FOT, REE, CPET)
  • 2 new languages available (Danish and Swedish)
  • Added compatibility with the upcoming Quark products provided with O2 GFC sensor
  • DICOM protocol available to interface with HIS/EMR


  • Trend feature significantly enhanced and restyled (both charts and tabular data)
  • On a single REE test multiple regression analyses are now available
  • EFVL superimposed on FVC pre are now visible during real time
  • DLCO grade score updated
  • Improved pediatric incentive (more settings)

 Find out more info on OMNIA web page