30 November 2021

November 30, 2021: OMNIA 2.1 Software Release

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November 30, 2021: OMNIA 2.1 Software Release

COSMED has recently launched the 2° generation of OMNIA Software, the most comprehensive Data Management platform for Metabolic, Lung Function and Body Composition Assessment.

The first loop of feedback received from the field shows customers highly valued the improved usability and the wide range of new functionalities.

As COSMED is committed in continuously improving OMNIA user experience, starting from November 2021, OMNIA 2.1 has been released enabling greater performance with new software features and enhancements.

OMNIA 2.1 is available for both OMNIA Standalone and OMNIA Network versions.


  • ADP Module is now BOD POD GS compatible
  • ​FOT Module is now Q-i2m compatible
  • Integration with GE Cardiosoft stress ECG (CPET)
  • Integration with Radiometer TCM5 Emogas Analyzer
  • Automatic Interpretation can be customized with strings and selected variables/parameters
  • Additional TGV calculation methods available
  • A Compact PFT report is now available
  • FVC Chart is now showing SD bars
  • BOD POD Autorun-6x scheduler is now available
  • 2.1 Version of OMNIA Connector
  • Several sets of Predicteds added (CPET, PFT)


  • More comprehensive TGV Chart showing all steps and improved EDIT function
  • Direct link to device user manuals by pressing F1
  • Database conversion recovery
  • OMNIA Network service status check
  • Error Messages are now more comprehensive

 Find out more info on OMNIA web page