15 October 2020

October 15, 2020: COSMED introduces BOD POD GS-X

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October 15, 2020: COSMED introduces BOD POD GS-X

COSMED introduces BOD POD GS-Xthe 4th generation of the world’s first and only Air Displacement Plethysmograph (ADP), the Gold Standard for two compartment Body Composition model.

COSMED, world-wide leader manufacturer of Cardiopulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition diagnostic equipment for clinical and human performance applications, announced today the release of BOD POD GS-Xa new generation of Body Composition Tracking System for quick, safe and non-invasive Body Composition assessment in adults and children. 

BOD POD technology is based on the same operating principles as a hydrostatic (underwater) weighing, measuring body mass and body volume by whole-body densitometry within a two-compartment model to determine body composition. The equipment provides an excellent inter-intra device reliability and is entirely suitable for measuring body composition in a very diverse population range including elderly persons, people with disabilities, obese subjects weighing up to 250 kg, and children (2-6 years old with the Pediatric Option). 

The efficacy of BOD POD has been confirmed by more than 2.000 peer reviewed research studies describing a wide range of subjects in both clinical and non-clinical environments. The latest generation of this unique device delivers new hardware and software design to optimize the experience for both test subjects and operators alike 

BOD POD GS-X is powered by OMNIA, COSMED’s multi-device laboratory software platform. OMNIA improves BOD POD performance with an user-friendly interface for quick access to features and commands; an exclusive Body Composition reference database for normal subjects, pregnant women and athletes; diverse population density models; test results integration from all COSMED devices, and the ability to share data over a network. 


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Founded in 1980, COSMED is a privately-owned company manufacturing Cardiopulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition equipment. COSMED products include a full range of Spirometers, Pulmonary Function, Body Composition, Nutritional Assessment and Cardiopulmonary Exercise systems, including Electrocardiographs, Ergometers and Assessment Software. COSMED solutions are aimed for either professional or medical use for many different applications like: Hospital, Clinics, Primary Care, University & Education in Human Physiology, Clinical Nutrition, Commercial Weight Management, Human Performance Centers, Sport Institutions and Health Club Industry. COSMED Headquarters are located in the province of Rome, Italy. COSMED is a world-wide organization with direct operations in United States, Australia, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland and UK, plus a B2B network covering more than 80 countries.