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03 May 2016

OMNIA 1.5: new modules include Lung Volumes N2WO, HL7, Competitive Data import and lots more...

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COSMED is glad to inform that, starting from the 2nd of May, the new 1.5 release of OMNIA is available for download to registered users. To facilitate upgrade process an online form is available to send requests. COSMED recommends to upgrade existing systems as the unit resolves also some bugs.

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Together with additional features and general improvements, OMNIA 1.5 introduces new important modules including Lung Volumes N2WO, HL7, Competitive Data import and lots more...

Customers that are still running the previous software (PFT/CPET Suites any version) can upgrade to OMNIA. Please contact COSMED Sales Staff to get an upgrade quotation or know more about the eligibility program.

What's new on OMNIA 1.5

  • Lung Volumes FRC-N2WO module (A-670-100-015) allows existing Quark PFT with OMNIA, to perform real time Nitrogen Washout Tests (both multi-breath and single breath).
  • OMNIA HL7 Connector module (A-670-100-013) is designed to allow a third party Hospital System Information (HIS) to communicate with COSMED OMNIA SW suite translating HL7 messages into COSMED standard functions, without passing through a Middleware solution. Available both as standalone or network version.
  • Competitive Data Import module (A-670-100-009) allows to import data from an external database.
  • AUX Devices Integration module (A-670-100-023) enables the communication between OMNIA and specific hardware, such as TANGO BP system and/or Physioflow (Impedence Cardiac Output) using a different AUX COM Port other than the one used for ergometers.
  • Lots of new features, improvements and several bug fixes.

omnia1.5 1120x6400px

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