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23 December 2016

January 30-31 February 1-2 2017 - ARAB HEALTH Tradeshow

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Visit COSMED booth during 2017 ARAB HEALTH Tradefair in #RC50 (Sheikh Rashid Hall)! New distributors are welcome !


New Dealers Welcome!
Discover the most comprehensive Cardiopulmonary and Metabolic solutions available today in the market.
Visit COSMED booth #RC50 (Sheikh Rashid Hall) during the ARAB HEALTH Tradefair in Dubai (30 January-2 February 2017). Contact us if interested in selling or promoting COSMED products


Lung Function Testing
Innovative modularity and networking for truly customized PFT solutions.
body plethysmography   portable spirometry
pulmonary function testing
Our products:
  Portable spirometry
  Modular PFT lab
  Body plethysmography
  Forced oscillations technique
  Metabolic testing (Exercise & Rest)
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Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing
Research grade Metabolic cart for Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing in clinical and sport applications.
clinical cpet   cardiopulmonary exercise test and treadmill
wearable metabolic system
Our products:
  Metabolic cart
  Wearable metabolic system
  Desktop metabolic system
  Stress testing ECG
  High performance treadmills
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Nutrition Assessment
Gold Standard Solutions for Indirect Calorimetry and Body Composition in research and clinical applications.
body composition   infant body composition
indirect calorimetry
Our products:
  Indirect calorimetry laboratory
  Indirect calorimetry in ICU
  Desktop Indirect calorimetry
  Body composition in adults and children
  Body composition in infants
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Detailed list of studies performed using COSMED products.
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Scientific News
Blog with latest relevant articles published in main scientific journals.
Suggested list of seminars and other training opportunities.
Various videos showing the use of COSMED technology.
Product News
Latest updates on COSMED products and software.

Founded in 1980, COSMED is a privately owned company manufacturing Cardio Pulmonary and Metabolic Diagnostic Equipment. COSMED solutions are developed for either professional or medical use in Hospital, Primary Care, University & Education, Sport and Wellness markets. In application fields such as Human Physiology, Clinical Nutrition, Respiratory Care, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Research of Obesity and Diabetes. COSMED products include a full range of Spirometers, Pulmonary Function, Body Composition, Nutritional Assessment and Cardio Pulmonary Exercise systems, as well as Electrocardiographs, Ergometers and Assessment Software. COSMED Headquarters are located in Rome, Italy. COSMED has subsidiaries in the USA and representative offices in China, Hong Kong, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and Australia. COSMED distributes its products internationally through a growing distributor network covering more than 70 countries.

COSMED Website: http://www.cosmed.com
COSMED Facebook page: http://www.cosmed.com/facebook

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