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02 January 2019

Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Mortality in Healthy Men and Women.

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American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX) is the gold standard method for assessing cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF); Although CPX prognostic value has been firmly established in cardiovascular, pulmonary, and musculoskeletal disease patients, it is less established in apparently healthy adults.

This study, published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, aims to assess the association of directly measured CRF, obtained using CPX with all-cause, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and cancer mortality in apparently healthy men and women.

Participants included 4,137 self-referred apparently healthy adults, followed over the years for mortality. Results show that CPX-derived CRF was inversely related to all-cause, CVD, and cancer mortality.

Given the prognostic ability of CPX-derived CRF for all-cause and disease-specific mortality outcomes, its use should be highly considered for apparently healthy populations as it may help to improve the efficacy of the individualized patient risk assessment and guide clinical decisions.

The article details are the following:

- Title: "Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Mortality in Healthy Men and Women"
- Authors: Mary T., Matthew P., Mitchell H., W. Holmes, Derron L., Leonard A.
- Published in: Volume 72, Issue 19, 6 November 2018, Pages 2283-2292

The full study can be purchased at the following link: click here