COSMED introduces Q-NRG, the new metabolic monitor for energy expenditure measurements in mechanically ventilated and spontaneous breathing patients in ICU.

Posted on 08 March 2018, English, Company, Italiano, Deutsch, French

indirect calorimetry

Rome (Italy) - March 2018 - COSMED, world-wide leader in the design of metabolic systems for clinical and human performance applications, announced today the release of a new product line of metabolic monitors for quick, accurate, intuitive and affordable indirect calorimetry.

Does the use of indirect calorimetry change outcome in the ICU? Yes it does.

Posted on 23 February 2018, COSMED News, English, Indirect Calorimetry, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

A new study appears on the "Current Opinion on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic care Journal" highlighting the importance of monitoring nutrition and metabolic status of ICU patients.

Resting energy expenditure in the risk assessment of anticancer treatments.

Posted on 17 February 2017, Indirect Calorimetry, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

This study, published in the Clinical Nutrition Journal, tries to show how abnormal basal energy metabolism can be associated with higher risk in anticancer treatments (like chemotherapy).

Harris-Benedict Equation and Resting Energy Expenditure Estimates in Critically Ill Ventilator Patients.

Posted on 09 February 2017, English, Indirect Calorimetry, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

A new study on the American Journal of Critical Care demonstrates the limited reliability of the Harris Benedict Equation as a substitute to indirect calorimetry in critically ill patients undergoing mechanical ventilation.

Winning the war against ICU-acquired weakness new innovations in nutrition and exercise physiology.

Posted on 22 April 2016, Indirect Calorimetry, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

A new study published in the Critical Care Journal introduced a new protocol “RISEN"–Recovery from ICU via Surveillance, Exercise, and Nutrition" for post-ICU survivors

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