25 January 2016

Physiology of Alpine Skiing: A review.

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indirect calorimetry

A review study published on the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports analyzes the recent findings on exercise physiology in Alpine skiing.

This review comprises more than 30 years of research and includes 4 review articles, 9 off-snow investigations of the physiological capacities of ski racers of varying ability, 29 on-snow investigations of specific physiology relating to the various ski racing disciplines. The extreme environment of cold, altitude, and movement complexity make ski racing a difficult sport to study. Perhaps the most important understanding gained from investigation into the physiology of ski racing is that no single physiological variable can be identified as being more important than another.

Further research is required using modern portable investigative tools for determining aerobic and anaerobic demands and abilities, especially in the areas of muscle function and relative energy system contribution during both single and multiple runs on varying terrain.

The study is available free to download at the following link: click here