04 June 2021

Pulmonary function and COVID-19.

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Pulmonary function and COVID-19.

A novel study was published on Current Opinion in Physiology to summarise the impact of COVID-19 infection on pulmonary function and to relate this to disease severity and to the clinico-radiological outcomes.

In agreement with the findings of the respiratory community concerning the physiological assessment in patients following COVID-19 infection, it is apparent that the overarching abnormality or defect in PFT encountered following SARS-CoV-2 respiratory infection is contained within the interstitial compartment rather than the airways.

Encountered reductions in DLco and in TLC in patients following COVID-19 infection and the long-term impact that SAR-CoV-2 infection has on PFT, suggest the need to continue interrogating the factors limiting physical exercise performance and PFT.

In particular, the measurement of the transfer factor for carbon monoxide can provide insights into the diffusing membrane capacity and capillary blood volume, and these measurements may hold the key for understanding how diffusing capacity is impaired in COVID-19.


Article details:

- Title: Pulmonary function and COVID-19
- Authors: Max Thomas, Oliver J. Price, James H. Hull
- Published in: Current Opinion in Physiology  - Volume 21, June 2021
- Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cophys.2021.03.005