Body composition at birth in preterm infants between 30 and 36 weeks gestation

Posted on 16 April 2014, Scientific, PEA POD

indirect calorimetry

A new scientific study appeared on the Pediatric Research Journal confirming the validity and reliability of ADP measurements with the PEA POD on healthy newly born preterm infants.

Test-Retest reliability of the BOD POD: The effect of multiple assessments

Posted on 15 April 2014, Scientific, BOD POD

indirect calorimetry

A new validation study of the BOD POD has been published on the Perceptual & Motor Skills Journal confirming the test-retest reliability of the device.

Numbers don't lie: the BOD POD at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine

Posted on 17 February 2014, English, Media, BOD POD

bod pod and sumo

The path to the NFL Draft continues at the Combine in Indianapolis, where more than 300 top prospects will continue on their quest to achieve their NFL dreams.

Body composition assessment with the BOD POD for professional sumo wrestlers of Japan Sumo Association

Posted on 16 December 2013, English, Media, BOD POD

bod pod and sumo

Sumo Japan Association published on its Twitter account (@sumokyokai) some photos of major professional sumo wrestlers in Japan going inside the BOD POD to test their body composition and health status.

Exploratory study of the relationship of fat-free mass to speed of brain processing in preterm infants

Posted on 13 November 2013, Body Composition, Scientific

body composition

A new study by the University of Minnesota shows a link in preterm infants between fat free mass (FFM) and neural development, with higher FFM resulting in better neural development

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