Should we calculate or measure energy expenditure? Practical aspects in the ICU

Posted on 12 May 2018, COSMED News, English, Indirect Calorimetry, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

This review focuses on why indirect calorimetry should be used in clinical practice of critical care medicine and which are the benefits of using indirect calorimetry and which are the disadvantages of using predictive equation.

The Role of Gas Exchange Variables in Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing for Risk Stratification and Management of Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction

Posted on 25 April 2018, COSMED News, English, Clinical CPET, Scientific

indirect calorimetry

A scientific review was made in the American Heart Journal examining 5 major gas exchange variables from CPET in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) patients.

COSMED presenta Q-NRG, un nuevo monitor metabólico para medición de Gasto Energético en pacientes en UCI con ventilación mecánica o respiración espontánea

Posted on 14 March 2018, Español

indirect calorimetry

8 de marzo de 2018, Roma, Italia - COSMED, líder mundial en el diseño de sistemas metabólicos para aplicaciones en desempeño clínico y humano, anunció hoy el lanzamiento de una nueva línea de monitores metabólicos para calorimetrías indirectas rápidas, precisas, intuitivas y accesibles.

An Evaluation of Army Wellness Center Clients’ Health-Related Outcomes

Posted on 13 March 2018, Scientific, Science and Performance

indirect calorimetry

This new paper analyzes in detail the effectiveness of the Army Wellness Center (AWC) model as a health promotion program for US military.

COSMED introduces Q-NRG, the new metabolic monitor for energy expenditure measurements in mechanically ventilated and spontaneous breathing patients in ICU

Posted on 08 March 2018, English, Company, Italiano, Deutsch, French

indirect calorimetry

Rome (Italy) - March 2018 - COSMED, world-wide leader in the design of metabolic systems for clinical and human performance applications, announced today the release of a new product line of metabolic monitors for quick, accurate, intuitive and affordable indirect calorimetry.

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