Impact of the reduction of the recommended energy target in the ICU on protein delivery and clinical outcomes

Posted on 24 February 2019, English, Indirect Calorimetry, Scientific

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

This observational cohort study over two 3 months periods aims to observe the impact of reduced recommended energy targets and the absence of ICU dietitians on nutrient prescription and clinical outcome.

Optimal Nutrition Care guided by Indirect Calorimetry - COSMED Satellite Symposium at ESPEN 2018

Posted on 05 June 2018, English, Company, Event

indirect calorimetry

Rome (Italy) - June 2018 - The 2018 ESPEN (European Society Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition) Congress will host a Satellite Symposium sponsored by COSMED dedicated to indirect calorimetry in critically ill patients, including an introduction of the main breakthroughs of the new Q-NRG metabolic monitor.

COSMED presenta Q-NRG, un nuevo monitor metabólico para medición de Gasto Energético en pacientes en UCI con ventilación mecánica o respiración espontánea

Posted on 14 March 2018, Español

indirect calorimetry

8 de marzo de 2018, Roma, Italia - COSMED, líder mundial en el diseño de sistemas metabólicos para aplicaciones en desempeño clínico y humano, anunció hoy el lanzamiento de una nueva línea de monitores metabólicos para calorimetrías indirectas rápidas, precisas, intuitivas y accesibles.

COSMED präsentiert Ihnen Q-NRG, den neuen metabolischen Monitor für die Indirekte Kalorimetrie auf Intensivstationen

Posted on 08 March 2018, Deutsch

indirect calorimetry

Rom, 8. März 2018 - COSMED bringt eine neue Produktlinie im Bereich der Indirekten Kalorimetrie auf den Markt. Q-NRG ist das ultimative Messsystem um den Kalorienbedarf bei Patienten exakt zu messen und diese richtig zu ernähren. Dadurch kann die Aufenthaltsdauer auf ICU Stationen verkürzt und somit Kosten gesenkt werden.

COSMED introduces Q-NRG, the new metabolic monitor for energy expenditure measurements in mechanically ventilated and spontaneous breathing patients in ICU

Posted on 08 March 2018, English, Company

indirect calorimetry

Rome (Italy) - March 2018 - COSMED, world-wide leader in the design of metabolic systems for clinical and human performance applications, announced today the release of a new product line of metabolic monitors for quick, accurate, intuitive and affordable indirect calorimetry.

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