The cyclist champion and Olympic medalist, Chris Froome, testing his Vo2 Max on COSMED Quark CPET

Posted on 26 May 2023, English, Italian, German, French, Quark CPET

Eldad Yaakobi, Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Sagol Research Center (Israel), tells about Chris Froome VO2 Max test performed with COSMED Quark CPET.

VO2-max tests with COSMED K5 for Hockey Club Davos Ladies on season preparation

Posted on 17 May 2023, English, Video News, K4b2/K5, Italian, German, French

For the women's team of Hockey Club Davos a new phase of life began last week with the kick-off for summer training which will lasts 12 weeks.

RMR test with Fitmate PRO desktop metabolic system to reach an effective systematic weight loss

Posted on 09 May 2023, English, Video News, Italian, German, French, Fitmate

Coach Costantino Bogani shows in this video a simple and effective monitoring of Resting Metabolism by oxygen consumption using COSMED Fitmate PRO.

Turkey's first space travelers tested with COSMED K5

Posted on 08 May 2023, English, Video News, K4b2/K5, Italian, German, French

The COSMED K5 wearable metabolic system was used to evaluate the physiology of Turkey's first space travelers.

COSMED equipment featured on the Netflix docuseries "Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer"

Posted on 04 May 2023, Video News, English, Italian, German, BOD POD, French, Quark CPET

Alex measures his body composition inside the COSMED BOD POD and performs many Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests with the Quark CPET metabolic cart, mixing chamber and treadmill.

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