COSMED Fitmate PRO: Vo2Max test, aerobic and anaerobic threshold, physical exercise prescription.

Posted on 14 September 2021, English, Video News, Italian, German, French, Fitmate

A new approach to cardiopulmonary stress testing with the desktop metabolic system Fitmate PRO by COSMED. Interview with Dr. Chiara Ingletto - Sports Doctor and Triathlete from Salus Itinere - Sports Medicine Center in Livorno (Italy).

COSMED BOD POD and Quark CPET at Beacon Hospital Sports Lab (Dublin).

Posted on 08 September 2021, Video News, English, Italian, German, BOD POD, French, Quark CPET

Chris Simpson is an Exercise Physiologist at Beacon Hospital, and he talks through the Sports Lab Programme for Endurance Athletes.

Pre-season screenings with COSMED Quark CPET for FC Bayern Munich football players.

Posted on 05 August 2021, English, Video News, Italian, German, French, Quark CPET

Objective information on soccer player physical status is an important factor for coaches and managers enabling selection and training. 

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing for German football players of RB Leipzig FC featuring Quark CPET.

Posted on 30 July 2021, English, Video News, Italian, German, French, Quark CPET

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing is an important part of the pre-season player screening process. Elite soccer match play is characterized by intermittent high intensity activity, underpinned by high levels of aerobic and anaerobic fitness in players.

COSMED BOD POD at elite training facility "Proactive Fueled by Herbalife Nutrition" (California).

Posted on 23 July 2021, English, Italian, German, BOD POD, French

The new opening Performance Facility in Westlake Village (California) combines Sports Nutrition and Elite Training and is expected to serve a wide variety of professional athletes across sports.

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