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08 September 2016

Aquatrainer appearing during Apple Special Event 2016.

Posted in English, K4b2/K5


"...we also extended the work of our Fitness Lab to swimming. Calculating calorie burn for swimming is really tricky and we analysed over 700 swimmers with different body types, different abilities. We hook them up to state-of-the-art metabolic equipment. We even drawn blood samples to look at lactic acid levels. We used all this body of information to create an algorithm that will give you the most accurate calorie burning information while you are swimming. We created two new workouts: a pool swim and an open water swim and during the workout you are getting information like lap count, pace, distance, calorie burn. And what's more the watch will learn about you over time and will get more accurate over time. It looks like your individual stroke efficiency not that of some average swimmer and tailors just to you. We think swimmers are going to absolutely love this"