Metabolic Simulator

Advanced verification tool to simulate human subject gas exchange and respiratory pattern for any metabolic systems

  • Completely designed by COSMED, the Metabolic Simulator provides an important tool that can be used for periodic verification of metabolic systems in both clinical and research settings.

    COSMED metabolic simulator is able to replicate the typical waveform of the respiratory pattern and, by applying the dilution principle, gas exchanges (oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production). The breathing pattern and gas exchanges can be easily adapted to specific applications by adjusting the tidal volume, respiratory frequency and the dilution flow of a certified gas (21% CO2, bal. N2).

    • 4-300 L/min Ventilation range
    • VO2 and VCO2 range up to 3900 mL/min
    • Designed by COSMED, compatible with all metabolic devices on the market
    • Reproduction of human breathing profile
    • Adjustable respiratory parameters suitable for both clinical and research purposes
    • Easy and precise quality control

    International guidelines1,2 recommend the use of a metabolic simulator to perform a thorough systematic check on the overall performance of a metabolic system.

    With COSMED Metabolic Simulator you will be able to address this recommendation and check that the accuracy of your metabolic system is in line with the declared values.

    The test is carried out by OMNIA Software and data results are elaborated using a dedicated Excel spreadsheet, clearly showing the device performance.

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