COSMED Treadmills

High quality running machines for clinical and high performance applications 

  • Either for clinical or high performance applications, COSMED treadmills offer the best quality and high safety standards in the market. The unique design and heavy duty build guarantee maximum performance, a stable platform and a slip-free belt for natural walking and running. COSMED treadmills are available with different configurations and specifications to fit any request for clinical or sport testing. Each model can interface with all COSMED metabolic and ECG systems.
  • Key Features
    Unlimited configuration choice. COSMED treadmills are available with different configurations and specifications to fit any request. Running machines available with various lengths, widths, speeds and elevations.

    Maximum quality of test experience. Full functionality is guaranteed by stable platform and slip free belt for natural walking or running motion.

    Fully interfaceable. The COSMED treadmill can be interfaced to PC, ECG, ergospirometry, blood pressure or printer.

    Low maintenance required. Durable belt with unique design and heavy duty build. Virtually indestructible engine with its sturdy frame.

    Wide range of options and accessories. Special optional equipment for safety, rehab, lateral walk etc. Over-size treadmills for cycling or skiing applications, wheelchair and more...

    Certified for clinical environment. Medical certification (C0123, MDD risk class IIb) available for clinical applications AC motor designed not to interfere with other medical equipment
  • T150LC


    • Running surface length: 150 cm
    • Speed (km/h): 0-18
    • Elevation range: 0-20%
    • Maximum elevation: 0-11.3°


    • Running surface length: 150 cm
    • Speed (km/h): 0-22
    • Elevation range: 0-25%
    • Maximum elevation: 14°


    • Running surface length: 170 cm
    • Speed (km/h): 0-30 (0-40)
    • Elevation range: ±25%
    • Maximum elevation: 14°
    Oversize (T200/T250)

    Oversize (T200/T250)

    • Running surface length: 200-250 cm
    • Speed (km/h): 0-40
    • Elevation range: ±27%
    • Maximum elevation: 15°
  • Safety Arch

    Safety Arch

    • Indispensable accessory for stress testing, accident prevention and for the general safety of athletes
    • Safety arch with different heights and widths to fit all running machines
    • An emergency stop at the crossbar of the safety arch allows automatic stop of the running belt in the moment a fall occurs
    • The harness and chest belt (available in 5 sizes: XXS, S, M, L, XL) secure the subject and prevents falling over to the front.
    • Chest belt straps do not pinch or restrict the athlete
    Air Walk ap

    Air Walk ap

    • Ideal solution for gait analysis and rehab therapy with clinical patients (ie, obese, stroke, cerebral palsy, paraplegic, etc.)
    • Dynamic unweighting system controlled individually via remote control. A display shows the exact unweighting value
    • An optional external air compressor is required
    • Ergonomic and comfortable harness (available in 4 sizes: XS, S, M, L)


    • Handrail crossbar (standard on T150 and T170, optional on T200/250 models)
    • Lateral long handrails 2 pillars (standard on T200/250, optional on T150 and T170 models)
    • Adjustable handrails (optional only on T150 models)
    • Arm support with additional keyboard and additional stop-button
    • Additional emergency-stop-button (on handrail)