COSMED equipment used at Italian research institute CNR in Pisa for the innovative SEMEOTICONS Project

Posted on 01 Luglio 2014, English, Company, Quark RMR, BOD POD

bod pod and sumo

SEMEOTICONS EU project aim is to design and construct an innovative multi-sensory system integrated into a hardware platform having the exterior aspect of a mirror, the “Wize Mirror”, able to guide individuals towards healthy lifestyles.

The BOD POD on the official US Defense Department Science Blog "Armed with Science"

Posted on 21 Maggio 2014, English, Media, BOD POD

bod pod and sumo

Armed with Science is a Defense Department blog highlighting the importance of science and technology to the modern military.

COSMED infiltrates the White House: COSMED Device Technology in the White House Medical Unit (WHMU) Wellness Center

Posted on 20 Maggio 2014, English, Media, Fitmate, BOD POD

bod pod and sumo

A special feature on the online magazine Medical Design Technology shows how COSMED technology has been adopted by the White House Medical Unit Wellness Center.

Body composition assessment with the BOD POD for professional sumo wrestlers of Japan Sumo Association

Posted on 16 Dicembre 2013, English, Media, BOD POD

bod pod and sumo

Sumo Japan Association published on its Twitter account (@sumokyokai) some photos of major professional sumo wrestlers in Japan going inside the BOD POD to test their body composition and health status.

Exploratory study of the relationship of fat-free mass to speed of brain processing in preterm infants

Posted on 13 Novembre 2013, Body Composition, Scientific

body composition

A new study by the University of Minnesota shows a link in preterm infants between fat free mass (FFM) and neural development, with higher FFM resulting in better neural development

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