20 Maggio 2021

Indirect calorimetry in critical illness a new standard of care?.

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Indirect calorimetry in critical illness a new standard of care?.

Critical illness demands objective, targeted nutritional therapy to prevent adverse effects of underfeeding/ over feeding. Thus, all recent societal guidelines recommend indirect calorimetry use to determine energy needs.

Current commercially available indirect calorimeters are often inaccurate, and the inconveniences have led to significant challenges to routine indirect calorimetry use in ICU practice. To address this critical need for a next generation indirect calorimetry device, an ambitious undertaking was launched uniting academic ICU nutrition leaders with industry innovation experts.

The result of this endeavour was the development of the innovative next-generation Q-NRG indirect calorimetry device.

Current data indicates the new Q-NRG device fills a longstanding void in ICU and clinical nutrition care as the only commercially available indirect calorimetry device tested against mass spectrometry to ensure gas accuracy, while being simple and easy-to use for longitudinal indirect calorimetry measures in a range of patients in and out of the ICU environment.

Given recent innovations in indirect calorimetry technology and wide availability of a new generation indirect calorimetry device, it is essential that longitudinal indirect calorimetry measures before, during and after ICU care become the new worldwide standard of care to guide nutrition care. 

Article details:

- Title: Indirect calorimetry in critical illness a new standard of care?
- Authors: De Waele Elisabeth, Jonckheer Joopb, Wischmeyer Paul
- Published in: Current Opinion in Critical Care: May 14, 2021
- Link: https://doi.org/10.1097/MCC.0000000000000844