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Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing with Quark CPET at Asian Hospital and Medical Center (Philippine)

27 May 2024
Early detection and prevention are cornerstones of Dr. Lenora C. Fernandez’s approach; she is Pulmonologist at Asian Hospital Medical Center in Mun...

Resting Metabolic Rate with Quark CPET at Human Powered Health - Minnesota (USA)

22 April 2024
COSMED Quark CPET can help measuring Energy Expenditure of subjects by breath-by-breath gas exchange technology. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is...

Professional triathlete Vo2Max test with COSMED Quark CPET at Human Performance Lab (USA)

01 December 2023
Matt Hanson is a professional triathlete on a mission to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. To achieve his goal, he needs to run a mar...

CardioPulmonary Exercise test at TEFAA - Democritus University of Thrace (Greece)

24 November 2023
Tzanetakis Giannis, coach at Tzanetakis Lab, met with an athlete at the Exercise Physiology Laboratory of TEFAA - Democritus University of Thrace, ...

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests explained by Cardiologist Andrea Segreti from Campus Bio-Medico

30 October 2023
Andrea Segreti, Cardiologist at Campus Bio-Medico University (Rome), talks about the benefit of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests for advanced perform...

Aerobic Testing for VO2 Max with Quark CPET at Human Powered Health (USA)

06 October 2023
See the VO2 Max assessment with Quark CPET and the maximal and submaximal testing methods used at Human Powered Health, performance testing facilit...

Quark CPET on Italian TV news "Medicina33" - RAI 2 Channel

27 September 2023
Prof. Paolo Palange, Head of Pneumology at CONI (Italian Olympic Committee), talks about the importance of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests for advan...

COSMED devices on Italian TV during "Petrolio - Special Longevity" on the RAI 3 Channel

14 September 2023
COSMED devices were recently featured on Italian TV during the television broadcast "Petrolio - Special Longevity" on the RAI 3 Channel. Duilio ...

Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test with Quark CPET for Thibaut Garrivier, trail professional runner

06 September 2023
In this video you can see the incredible results after a CPET assessment that Garrivier had at Hospital La Croix-Rousse in Lyon under the guidance ...

VO2max test with Quark CPET metabolic cart for a professional road racing cyclist

28 August 2023
Willie Smit, professional road racing cyclist from South Africa, currently riding for China Glory Continental Cycling, had a VO2max test at Science...

FC Bayern München players tested with COSMED Quark CPET at training facility Säbener Straße

20 July 2023
The record champion club FC Bayern started pre-season with intense performance tests under the guidance of head coach Thomas Tuchel. At the trai...

FC Panserraikos pre-season performance tests with COSMED Quark CPET

05 July 2023
Fitness level assessment for Panserraikos athletes pre-season. Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Tests were performed using COSMED Quark CPET and h/p/cosmo...

Fitness testing with COSMED Quark CPET for a junior cyclist (Australia)

21 June 2023
Jesse Coyle, Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, from Nero Coaching (Australia), recorded a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test with Quark CPET cond...

The cyclist champion and Olympic medalist, Chris Froome, testing his Vo2 Max on COSMED Quark CPET

26 May 2023
Eldad Yaakobi, Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Sagol Research Center (Israel), tells about Chris Froome VO2 Max test performed with COSMED Quark ...

COSMED equipment featured on the Netflix docuseries "Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer"

04 May 2023
Alex measures his body composition inside the COSMED BOD POD and performs many Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests with the Quark CPET metabolic cart, m...

Metabolic test on triathlete Mariella Sawyer with COSMED Quark CPET

30 March 2023
In this video Mariella Sawyer, professional triathlete, coach and registered dietitian in Cape Town (South Africa) tells us about the VO2max test p...

Test with COSMED Quark CPET at Genea Biomed (Italy)

07 March 2023
Dr Fabrizio Verzini, Head of Sports Medicine at Genea Biomed (Chivasso - IT), and Dr Claudia Tarozzo, Sports Doctor, show what is a CPET test and h...

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COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.

COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.