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Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing with Quark CPET at Asian Hospital and Medical Center (Philippine)

27 May 2024
Early detection and prevention are cornerstones of Dr. Lenora C. Fernandez’s approach; she is Pulmonologist at Asian Hospital Medical Center in Mun...

Body Composition Testing with BOD POD at London, Ontario (Canada)

14 May 2024
Jennifer Broxterman, founder and lead Registered Dietitian at NutritionRx, shows a Body Composition Testing with COSMED BOD POD. BOD POD is the ...

Resting Metabolic Rate with Quark CPET at Human Powered Health - Minnesota (USA)

22 April 2024
COSMED Quark CPET can help measuring Energy Expenditure of subjects by breath-by-breath gas exchange technology. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is...

VO2 Max track runner test with COSMED K5

15 April 2024
Jose Castro, junior canadian professional runner specialized in middle distance, was tested with COSMED K5 to know where his fitness is right befor...

Metabolic assessment with COSMED Q-NRG at Anti-aging Institute (Latvija)

25 March 2024
Q-NRG is the first Indirect Calorimeter specifically intended for Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) measurement on spontaneously breathing subjects....

Sub Max and VO2 Max test at Fort Campbell AWC with COSMED K5

11 March 2024
The Fort Campbell Army Wellness Center does Sub-Max and VO2 Max testing to show the capacity of an individual's body to transport and use oxygen du...

Resting Metabolic Rate Test at the Army Wellness Center - Fort Bragg (USA)

23 February 2024
In this video April Lauren shares her experience getting RMR Testing with COSMED Fitmate at the Army Wellness Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina....

The COSMED BOD POD at Strata Integrated Wellness Center in Colorado Springs (USA)

06 February 2024
Angie Barber talks about the BOD POD, the world’s only Air Displacement Plethysmography (ADP) system using whole body densitometric principles to d...

High-intensity training session with the COSMED K5 for Al-Ahli SFC players

19 January 2024
Under the supervision of fitness coach Oliver Bartlett and O2UP Team, the players performed this metabolic assessment to determine the cardiovascul...

BOD POD GS-X featuring on Front Office Sports "Next Gen: Gridiron - episode 3"

10 January 2024
Dive into the intersection of football and cutting-edge tech with this episode of Front Office Sports, the leading multi-platform media and news or...

Second training day with COSMED K5 for the Saudi Arabia National Football Team

05 January 2024
The Green Falcons continued their preparations for the 2023 Asian Cup: intense training session with the COSMED K5 wearable metabolic system. Un...

V02max test using the COSMED K5 wearable metabolic system on professional triathlete

28 December 2023
Petra Siska, professional triathlete, was tested five months postpartum to measure her VO2max at Louisiana State University Lab. The VO2max indi...

COSMED equipment at Army Wellness Center - Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston (USA)

13 December 2023
Discover COSMED product range for Body Composition and Metabolic assessment to improve and sustain health, performance, and readiness.  BG Deydr...

Professional triathlete Vo2Max test with COSMED Quark CPET at Human Performance Lab (USA)

01 December 2023
Matt Hanson is a professional triathlete on a mission to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. To achieve his goal, he needs to run a mar...

CardioPulmonary Exercise test at TEFAA - Democritus University of Thrace (Greece)

24 November 2023
Tzanetakis Giannis, coach at Tzanetakis Lab, met with an athlete at the Exercise Physiology Laboratory of TEFAA - Democritus University of Thrace, ...

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COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.

COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.